Just like yesterday’s newspaper, coolants containing nitrites are being thrown out.

Why? The Clean Air Act. Since 1963 the government has been working to control the levels of air pollution in our country. In 1997 the EPA decided even more needed to be done to clean up the air and lower the emissions. Fast forward to the early 2000’s, a goal was set to reduce emission levels in the air
by half between 2005-2014.

To lower emissions truck manufacturers had to get creative in ways to reduce fuel usage. They put in Selective Catalytic Reduction systems (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), lowered viscosities of oils, and started using more aluminum parts to reduce the weight of vehicles.

Here’s where the nitrites come out to play.

Nitrites and Aluminum parts are a no go. The nitrites react with the brazed aluminum heat exchangers causing a film, deposits to form, and hot spots. Remove the nitrites and you get a coolant superior in protecting your aluminum parts.

That’s not all! When removing the nitrites, they added some other benefits and truly made a superior coolant. Now Rotella ELC Nitrite Free is a TRUE “Fill for Life” Coolant requiring no Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA) and can go 600,000 miles/12,000 hours. It’s compatible with other ELC coolants. It’s good for all climates, I’m talking to you Long Haul Companies! Traveling in Alaska or in Florida? Paving roads in the hot summer? We got your back. Shell Rotella ELC NF has a freeze protection of -34 degrees Fahrenheit and boil over protection up to 265 degrees Fahrenheit! Now that’s hot!

What else is missing?

All the bad stuff! Shell Rotella ELC NF is free of nitrites, amine, nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, and silicate.

Have a Mixed Fleet?

No worries my friend! Shell Rotella ELC Nitrite Free Coolant meets a long list of OEM specifications and is good in diesel, natural gas, gasoline, propane, and LNG vehicles. Carry one coolant and eliminate confusion and possible contamination in your equipment and vehicles! One less thing to worry about!

Make the Change Today!

And like the saying goes, all that shimmers is sure to fade, nitrites are out. Call your Lynch Oil Sales Representative to get the latest and greatest coolant meeting your OEM specifications. We now carry it in gallon containers, drums, and totes. A size to meet everyone’s needs.