Expertise at your Fingertips

I often find myself asking Google to save the day by finding the information that I need on a certain topic. While this can hold true in many areas of life, it’s nice to know that there is an expert…

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All That Shimmers Is Sure to Fade

Just like yesterday’s newspaper, coolants containing nitrites are being thrown out. Why? The Clean Air Act. Since 1963 the government has been working to control the levels of air pollution in our country. In 1997 the EPA decided even more…

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Shell Rotella

Shell consistently delivers technical expertise around product application with a focus on Total Cost of Ownership, reducing total operational costs. By designing the right lubricants and services for your requirements, we can help you reduce your total operating costs and embrace your product performance. A medium-sized…

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Shell Caprinus XR 40

Shell Caprinus XR Oils are Premium Grade Heavy Duty Engine Oils, intended mainly for railroad diesel engines of North American origin ,particularly those manufactured by General Electric and General Motors Electro-Motive Division(EMD). Shell Caprinus XR oils use the latest, low-chlorine…

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