Have you considered Lynch Oil to help Keep your fleet running at peak levels with our fuel treatment program?

So are your pumps on site “slowing down”? Are you having to replace fuel filters in equipment and on tanks more often? The daily increase and decrease in ambient temperature causes condensation inside all tanks. This will lead to the growth of algae and bacteria inside your fuel storage tanks.

What is Microbial growth and how does it get in your fuel?

  • Microbial growth is fungus and bacteria that uses the fuel as their primary source of food. Being natural soil inhabitants, these microbes can get carried via air.
  • The condensation of water vapor within tanks, also creates conditions suitable for growth and contamination.
  • Since oil and water don’t mix, these microbes grow in the fuel-water interface which is usually formed at the bottom of the tank.

How do we fix this problem and prevent it from happening?

We offer a product line from Petrolabs that treats diesel fuel in onboard truck tanks (Diesel Power) and another that works in onsite storage tanks (Humout). You can buy this product by the 16 oz bottle or 1-gallon jugs. These products have a biocide which is a substance that can kill a living organism such as algae or bacteria.

  • Dissolves free and emulsified water in fuel
  • Removes gum and varnish
  • Cleans the entire injector system to improve fuel economy
  • Lubricates cylinder walls
  • Prevents formation of harmful acids
  • Controls waxing and gelling

We also offer the option to have a driver treat your tanks at .06 per gallon. This translates to roughly $20 for a 500-gallon tank, that’s an amazing deal!

We also sell and install Cimtek Filters that are both particulate and water absorbing. These come in 10- and 30-micron ratings. 10 for gasoline and 30 for diesel. Most of the filters you buy off the shelf do not stack up to the protection these filters provide. Lynch Oil gives you the ability to sign up for this program where you pick how often you would like this service. This really makes the quality of your fuel and tanks worry free and how much is that worth to you?

Contact you Lynch Oil sales rep at 1-800-874-4161 to schedule a site survey to discuss how we can keep your fleet running at its maximum efficiency!