Most people have heard it’s better to use Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil.

But why? Is it really, that much better? That stuff is expensive!


Where Does Oil Come From?

Oil products traditionally are refined from crude oil. They are extracted from the earth where heat and pressure have transformed dead organisms into a mixture of different chemicals. It’s like what Jed found in The Beverly Hillbillies “Black Gold”

Crude Oil is refined to yield different products such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel to name a few. Conventional Oil is made by refining Crude Oil. Synthetic Oil is also produced by heavily refining Crude Oil. However, in today’s market the best way to produce a clean and pure Base Oil is from Natural Gas.

GTL Technology

Shell began developing this technology in the 1970’s and called it Gas to Liquids (GTL) Technology. It is also called PurePlus Technology in the Pennzoil line of products. They have invested over 1 billion dollars into this technology and its development over the years. The GTL technology produces products that are colorless, odorless and contain hardly any of the impurities found in Crude Oil like Sulphur, Nitrogen and aromatics.

Shell uses this technology to produce the Synthetic Base Stock that is used in their finished oil products. This extremely pure Synthetic Base Stock can be blended with Crude Oil products or stand alone. High viscosity indices, good oxidation stability, low volatility and good cold flow properties are just a few of the many benefits. In turn, these characteristics will extend the life of the oil, extend the drain intervals and the life of the machine being lubricated.

All Synthetic Blends Are Not Created Equal

When Synthetic Base Oils are blended with Crude Oil they are referred to as a Synthetic blend or a Semi-Synthetic Oil. The next question is “How much of the final Semi-Synthetic” is actual Synthetic Oil and what percentage is Crude”? There currently is no governing body that regulates these terms. A Semi-Synthetic product can contain a blend of 99% Conventional Oil and just 1% Synthetic. Shell holds themselves at a higher standard than most of their competitors.

They will not name or advertise an oil as a Semi-Synthetic unless it is over 50% Synthetic Base Stock. As mentioned above, Shell Synthetic Oil due to GTL Technology, beats the competition!

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right lubricant and quality of oil. When the motor or equipment is what your business depends on, the question becomes, “Why wouldn’t you want the best lubricant available by the company that made GTL?”

Not sure of what to use? Let the team of professionals at Lynch Oil guide you through the process. They are Certified Master Distributors of the Shell line and really know their stuff!