This product gets it’s start with one of the worlds best Group II base oils which will help the lubricant maintain stability longer than its competition. Group II base oils are formed by a process called hydrocracking which will give this fluid better antioxidation properties that a hydraulic oil formulated with Group I base oil can not. It also gives the Tellus S2 VX a wider operating temperature range, so you don’t have to change the fluids out due to working in different regions. The Tellus VX can help you save money in your fleet and who wouldn’t love that? It’s ability to resist thermal and chemical breakdown minimizes sludge formation and its high shear stability ensure the long life of the fluid allowing you to extend oil drain intervals. Tellus S2 VX boast a TOST life 5000 hours. Tellus S2 VX excels in the main purpose for hydraulic oil like water separation, air release, antifoam, and its use of friction characteristics reduce the harmful effects of slip stick. Tellus S2 VX has an excellent filterability due to the oils cleanliness, it has an ISO 4406 20/18/15. All leading to ensure that your precision hydraulic system will work for you from a cold start all the way through a full load in severe duty applications.