It’s August in Florida. 100 degrees outside. You’re enjoying a day out on the water. Would you rather be wading in a pond or tubing down a river? Tubing down a river of course! You’re going to be cooled off from the continuous stream of flowing water moving down the river, instead of boiling hot from the non-moving pond water. Same is true for oils. Thinner oils move faster through engines keeping the engine cooler from the constant flow of fluid, just like you in the river.

Viscosity is the resistance to flow. The thicker the oil the more energy it takes to move it. You do not want lazy oil, so let us trim down those numbers and move to lower viscosities!

Switching to a lower viscosity oil has several other benefits over your average heavy duty engine oil. Warm up times are reduced, so there is less wear at start up, causing better pumpability of oil. All ultimately lowering your total cost of ownership from reduced wear and tear.

You want the lowest viscosity possible for your application and environment.

Fuel Economy

The better fuel economy you can get, the more money you are going to save. Everyone wants to save money, especially when times get tough. Fuel is one of the biggest expenses of trucking and construction companies. Switching to a lower viscosity oil can yield you between 1 and 2.6 percent fuel economy savings. If your truck gets 5 miles to the gallon, average $3 a gallon, 100,000 miles driven yearly, YOU COULD BE SAVING $1500 PER TRUCK.

So what makes fuel economy special besides the savings? Less emissions. Burn less fuel, reduce emission and save the environment. Can I get an Amen? Manufacturers are pressured daily to clean the air. They created DEF systems to help and are now focused on lower viscosities to lower fuel usage and emissions.

OEM manufacturers Cummins, CAT, Navistar, Paccar, Volvo/Mack, and Ford are all moving towards this new lower viscosity technology. Take comfort in knowing you are protected and under warranty using an approved Shell product. Your Lynch Oil Sales Rep will help you get into the right product while maintaining your warranties.

Lynch Oil offers something for everyone. From conventional to full synthetic, we have something for you. Our oils are just as unique as you. Call your Lynch Rep today to make the switch to a synthetic, lower viscosity oil. You won’t regret it! REACH YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AT 407.847.4161